ADRC: Cooperative project for the Hyogo Framework for Action

The Asian Disaster Reduction Center (ADRC) Cooperative Project for Promoting the implementation of the Hyogo Framework for Action (HFA) was conducted to provide support to the governments of ADRC member countries to help them strengthen their commitment, expand resources, and to make further progress toward the expected goals of the HFA. The Hyogo Framework for Action is the first plan to explain, describe and detail the work that is required from all different sectors and actors to reduce disaster losses. It was developed and agreed on with the many partners needed to reduce disaster risk - governments, international agencies, disaster experts and many others - bringing them into a common system of coordination.

ADRC called for project proposals from the member countries, then selecting the proposal from Tajikistan. To ensure the effective implementation of the project, it was decided that a peer review should be conducted over the course of the project’s implementation. The project’s objective was to enhance disaster-risk-assessment capacity (focusing on landslides) in the Khuroson district of Khatlon province. The project team conducted field surveys in the area affected by the massive 2009 landslide disaster in the Khuroson district, and reported on the survey results.

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