COCONet: Measuring Atmosphere and Earth for Disaster Risk Reduction

COCONet sites in the Caribbean
COCONet sites in the Caribbean: New sites Feb 2011 (red), new sites June 2011 (orange) and existing sites (blue).
Credits: Image modified after Braun et al., 2012

The Continuously Operating Caribbean Observational Network (COCONet) is a project funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) with the aim of developing a large-scale geodetic and atmospheric infrastructure in the Caribbean that will form the backbone for a broad range of geoscience and atmospheric investigations and enable research on process-oriented science questions with direct relevance to geohazards.

Want to learn more? In a new article in our Space Application Guides section, we present this network and its efforts to reduce disaster risks in the Caribbean by monitoring the environment via GPS and weather stations.