Canada: ISERV camera on International Space Station captures floods in Calgary

Image acquired June 22, 2013

The "disaster cam" installed in the Destiny module window on the International Space Station (ISS) in January 2013 by Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield, captured digital images of downtown Calgary, Canada as is was inundated by floodwaters in June 2013. The camera is known as ISERV—the ISS SERVIR Environmental Research and Visualization System.

NASA specified: "The top photo was acquired on June 22, near the height of the flooding around the Saddledome and the venue for the Calgary Stampede. The lower image from June 24 shows sediment and debris deposited around the city as the waters receded. (Turn on the image comparison tool to see the difference.) Note that the June 24 image is slightly blurry because the ISS was passing slightly to the east, and the city was not centered below the fixed, downward pointing camera. Larger, downloadable images (linked beneath each image above) show the floodwaters from both the Bow and Elbow Rivers inundating the wider Calgary metropolitan area."

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