Meet the team

Luc St-Pierre, Chief, Space Applications Section of UNOOSA

Luc St-Pierre, Senior Programme Coordinator

E-mail: [at]






Shirish Ravan, Senior Programme Officer (Coordinator, UN-SPIDER Programme)

Shirish Ravan, Programme Officer

E-mail: shirish.ravan [at]






Lorant Czaran, Programme Officer


E-mail: lorant.czaran [at]






Juan Carlos Villagran de Leon, Programme Officer (Head of UN-SPIDER Bonn Office)

Juan Carlos Villagran de Leon, Programme Officer

E-mail: juan-carlos.villagran [at]






Joachim Post, Expert, UN-SPIDER Bonn Office

JoachimE-mail: [at]





Radu Botez, Associate Information and Outreach Officer, UN-SPIDER Bonn Office

RaduE-mail: radu.botez [at]





Tong Tang, Expert, UN-SPIDER Beijing Office

Tong TangE-mail: tong.tang [at]





Jiayi Sun, Expert, UN-SPIDER Beijing Office

JiayiE-mail: jiayi.sun [at]





Stefan Kienberger, Expert, UN-SPIDER Vienna Office

StefanE-mail: stefan.kienberger [at]





Ahmed Osman, Staff Assistant

Ahmed Osman, Team Assistant


E-mail: ahmed.osman [at]




Emma Yuan Gao, Team Assistant

Emma Yuan Gao, Team Assistant


E-mail: yuan.gao [at]





Mateja Poposki, IT Consultant, UN-SPIDER Bonn Office

MatejaE-mail: mateja.poposki [at]





Moses Duguru, Remote Sensing and GIS Consultant, UN-SPIDER Bonn Office

MosesE-mail: moses-john.duguru [at]





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