A MapAction team is responding to widespread and repeated flooding in western Paraguay attached to a United Nations’ assistance group. The worst floods for more than a decade began in April. They have left thousands of families in scattered rural communities in urgent need of emergency food and other help after the floods devastated crops and livestock. A complication of the emergency is that the affected communities are spread across two rural departments with a combined area somewhat larger than England and Wales. Many villages have remained cut off by road for weeks, requiring aid to be flown in by helicopter. On 29 June MapAction received a request from the UN to support a group travelling to Paraguay to assist the government... read more

Publishing Date: 06/07/2012

Heavy rain, which began in March, has caused the Pilcomayo river in Paraguay to overflow; resulting in flooding throughout the country. An estimated 13,000 families have been isolated due to the floods. The main affected areas are: Puerto Casedo, Pinasco (North of the Country), Villa Choferes del Chaco, Tte. Manuel Irala Fernandez, Cruce Pioneros (Central area of the country) and Teniente Esteban Martinez, Cacique Sapo (South of the country).

The International Charter Space and Major Disasters was activated by Sistema Federal de Emergencias (SIFEM) on 30 April 2012.

Publishing Date: 02/05/2012


Since the first trimester of 2009, Paraguay has been facing an extreme cyclical drought. On 11 May, the Paraguayan government declared the departments of Concepcion, Neembucu, Presidente Hayes, Boqueron and Alto Paraguay in a state of emergency in order for the affected population (mostly indigenous groups and farmers) to start implementing preventive measures.

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Ressources from OCHA/Reliefweb, click... read more

Hundreds of families have been affected by floods in Encarnacion (Itapua), Ayolas (Misiones), Ciudad del Este (Alto Parana) e Ita Cora (Neembucu).


Information on Reliefweb:

Crop fields and hundreds of houses were destroyed by a severe local storm in departments of San Pedro, Paraguar? y Caaguaz?. Gov't is providing shelter, clothes and food.

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Hundreds of suspected cases of dengue fever have been notified in the departments of Concepcion, Amambay, Central, Itapua y Asuncion in Paraguay. 51 cases have been confirmed in Asuncion.

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