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Guatemala is exposed to various hazards. Floods, droughts and landslides occur on an annual basis in urban and rural communities. Taking into consideration the usefulness of earth observations in the case of drought and other hazards, an Expert Mission was organized to discuss and elaborate a proposal for a potential project in Guatemala targeting the use of space-based information to assess the impact of drought and climate variability on crops.

Mission dates: 13/05/2010 to 19/05/2010


UN-SPIDER and the National Secretariat for Science and Technology of Guatemala (SENACYT) join forces to conduct a seminar on the use of science, technology and innovation in disaster risk reduction and response efforts. The seminar entitled "Science and Technology: Applications for... read more

In recent decades Guatemala, like other countries around the world, has been experiencing disasters triggered by geologic and hydro-meteorological hazards that have impacted urban and rural communities. As a way to increase the capacity of the National Coordinating Agency for Disaster Reduction of Guatemala (CONRED) and other government agencies to take advantage of the opportunities provided by the space community, UN-SPIDER recommended these government agencies the establishment of a technical, inter-institutional team that would focus its efforts on the generation of geospatial... read more


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