SPIE Optical Engineering + Applications

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San Diego


San Diego Convention Center


25/08/2013 to 29/08/2013

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SPIE Optical Engineering + Applications is a conference for the latest developments in optical design and engineering, as well as space optical systems, x-ray / EUV optics, remote sensing, information processing, photonic devices and applications.

Explore the program:
 • View Optical Engineering + Applications 2013 topics online
 • Optics + Photonics 2013 (PDF) - will be online 1 May
More than 1,840 presentations in these areas:
 • Illumination Engineering
 • Optomechanics and Optical Manufacturing
 • Optical Design and Systems Engineering
 • Photonic Devices and Applications
 • X-Ray, Gamma-Ray, and Particle Technologies
 • Image and Signal Processing
 • Remote Sensing
 • Atmospheric and Space Optical Systems
 • Astronomical Optics and Instrumentation
  Special Programs:
 • The Nature of Light: What are Photons?
 • Tribute to H. John Caulfield

Join your peers at SPIE Optical Engineering + Applications, the premier conference for the latest developments in optical design, system, and Illumination engineering, photonic devices, optomechanics and optical manufacturing, as well as atmospheric and space optical systems, x-ray/EUV optics, remote sensing, information processing, and astronomical optics and instrumentation.

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