International workshop linking sustainable development, global migration, climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction - identifying emerging issues

Time and Duration
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Basic Information
02/12/2013 - 04/12/2013
Batiment Géopolis, quartier Mouline
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University of Lausanne, Faculty of geosciences and environment (UNIL-FGSE)

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Workshop objectives:

- To explore scientific and practical inter-linkages between these four domains that are shaping current international and national policies: sustainable development, migration, disaster risk reduction, climate change;

- Create a dialogue based on science, methodologies and practices among UNIL-FGSE academic staff members, students, UNIL-FGSE alumni and external experts from Switzerland and abroad through case studies and practices on how these issues are linked in the field;

- Showcase current research of the UNIL-FGSE faculty members and students related to this topic and its societal value, and Explore emerging issues in this field to inform future research and projects at UNIL-FGSE