Near Real-Time Algal Bloom Monitoring Service for North Atlantic

Data provided by:Copernicus
Data accessibility:export data
Link to the data:
File type:GeoTIFF, NetCDF, png
Data type:hazard specific data
Hazard:Efflorescences algales nuisibles
Disaster cycle phase:Disaster Risk Management, Response, Recovery
Space-based information:The map indicates chlorophyll-A and sea surface temperatures in the North Atlantic based on data. The products can be downloaded from the CMEMS catalogue using different protocol (ftp, wms...): NEAR REAL TIME (DAILY UPDATED) BASED ON SINGLE SENSOR (OLCI-A) AND MERGED SENSORS (MODIS-A & VIIRS-N): Global level-3 Daily: OCEANCOLOUR_GLO_CHL_L3_NRT_OBSERVATIONS_009_032 Global level-4 Climatology, Monthly, 8-days products and daily-Optimal-Interpolation: OCEANCOLOUR_GLO_CHL_L4_NRT_OBSERVATIONS_009_033 Atlantic level-4 Daily-Optimal-Interpolation: OCEANCOLOUR_ATL_CHL_L4_NRT_OBSERVATIONS_009_037 REPROCESSED TIME-SERIES BASED ON MERGED SENSORS (SeaWifs, MERIS, MODIS-A & VIIRS-N): Global level-3 Daily products: OCEANCOLOUR_GLO_CHL_L3_REP_OBSERVATIONS_009_085 Global level-4 Monthly, 8-days and Daily-Optimal-Interpolation: OCEANCOLOUR_GLO_CHL_L4_REP_OBSERVATIONS_009_082 Atlantic level-4 Daily-Optimal-Interpolation: OCEANCOLOUR_ATL_CHL_L4_REP_OBSERVATIONS_009_098 ACRI-ST ALSO PROVIDES COMPLEMENTARY PRODUCTS REFERENCED AS GLOBAL LEVEL-3 AND LEVEL-4 OPTICS PRODUCST (reflectances, KD, CDM, BBP, SPM)
Satellites and Sensors:Aqua, ENVISAT (MERIS), Sentinel-3A, OrbView-2 (SeaWiFS), Suomi NPP
Spatial coverage:Europe
Temporal coverage:Near-real time
Technical Specifications:Ocean Colour Marine Copernicus
Contact:Lasse Peterson
Tutorials on the use of data:Use Case
Restrictions/ Citation of the dataset:
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