Review of space application support for disaster and emergency medicine


In these days, both Space technology and Medicine is the most rapidly developing field of science and also play a key role to control disaster. The collaboration between the space and medical fields can generate significant advances in disaster management. While space technologies have been successfully applied to a small number of health related matters over the last decade, there is neither a significant utilization of space elements nor a systematic analysis of needs for space assets in this sector yet.[1]
 This document reviews current status of space technology used in disaster management in medical aspects. The contents focusing on the overlapping point of disaster, medicine, and space technology would help coherent efforts by related people in various field including government, space technology and medicine.  

The overall structure of this document is generated by two axis, space technology and practical medical field use it . The contents include how space technologies including GIS, GPS and telecommunication can be adapted in epidemic control and disaster medicine each with some successful example program supported by WHO (World Health Organization ) and ESA (European Space Agency )

[1] Report of the United Nations/ Burkina Faso/ European Space Agency/Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales Workshop on the Use of Space Technology for Human Health for the Benefit of the Countries in Africa

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