UNOOSA Activities in Tele-Health and Tele-Epidemiology


 Activities 2000 – 2009

  1.  UNISPACE III Workshops on Telemedicine (OOSA, Canada, Germany, 1999,  Vienna)
  2.  Workshops related to digital divide including telemedicine (Malaysia 2000, Thailand 2003)
  3. Live Telemedicine Demonstration project (COPUOS, Vienna, 2003)
  4. Conference on Tele-health and Satellites (EURISY/OOSA, Rabat, Morocco 2004)
  5. United Nations/European Space Agency/Argentina Workshop on the Use of Space Technology for Human Health (Argentina, 2005)
  6. UN/ESCAP/China Workshop on Tele-Health Development in Asia and the Pacific Region (China, 2005)
  7. Expert meeting for UN/India/USA Pilot Project “Telemedicine in the Reconstruction of Afghanistan” (India, 2006)
  8. Plenary Session “Space-based Technology Applications to e-Health” (Luxembourg, 2005)
  9. Poster Session “Space Technology as a Tool for Delivery of e-Health” (Luxembourg, April 2006)
  10. OOSA/WHO/NEPAD Panel on “Tele-Health Implementation Approaches for Africa” (South  Africa, 2006)
  11. UN/INDIA/USA Telemedicine Project for Afghanistan phase II (India, 2007)
  12. OOSA/Mexico/ESA Telemedicine Training Course (Mexico, 2007)
  13. OOSA/ESCAP Regional Expert Meeting on Using Space Technology for Avian Influenza Monitoring and Early Warning in Asia (Thailand, 2007)
  14. Workshop on Tele-epidemiology (XII SELPER Conference, Colombia, 2006)
  15. OOSA/Russia/ESA Workshop on the Use of Micro-Satellite Technologies for Environmental Monitoring and Impact to Human Health (Russia, 2007)
  16. OOSA/WHO/Burkina Faso/ESA/CNES Workshop on Using Space Technologies for Tele-Health to Benefit Africa (Burkina Faso, 2008)
  17. OOSA/India/ESA Regional Workshop on Using Space Technology for Tele-Health to Benefit Asia and the Pacific (India, 2008)
  18. XIII Workshop on Tele-epidemiology (XIII SELPER Conference, CUBA, 2008)


Planned Activities


  1. OOSA/Bhutan/India expert meeting on the Tele-health for SAARC Countries (Bhutan, 2009)
  2. Contribution to IEEE GEOSS Workshop XXVIII – Health and the Environment, July 7-9 2009, Geneva Switzerland
  3. OOSA Workshop on Space Technology Contribution to Infection Surveillance and to the Health-related MDG Goals, 9 September 2009, Verona, Italy