MODIS 500-m map of global urban extent (SAGE)

Data provided by:Nelson Institute, Center for Sustainability and the Global Environment (SAGE), University of Wisconsin-Madison
Data accessibility:export data
Link to the data:
File type:
Data type:land use, land cover data
Disaster cycle phase:Disaster Risk Management, Response, Recovery
Satellites and Sensors:Aqua, Terra
Spatial coverage:Global
Spatial resolution:500 m
Temporal coverage:Archive
Content dates:2001 - 2010
Technical Specifications:n/a
Contact:Annemarie Schneider
Tutorials on the use of data:n/a
Restrictions/ Citation of the dataset:

Please cite following publications when using the datasat:

Schneider, A., M. A. Friedl and D. Potere (2009) A new map of global urban extent from MODIS dataEnvironmental Research Letters, volume 4, article 044003.

Schneider, A., M. A. Friedl and D. Potere (2010) Monitoring urban areas globally using MODIS 500m data: New methods and datasets based on urban ecoregions. Remote Sensing of Environmentin review. 



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