Training Opportunities

Capacity-building and the strengthening of institutional arrangements are the key to increasing the ability of agencies at the national level and organizations at regional and international levels to effectively use space-based information and services for disaster reduction, preparedness, response, and recovery.

Taking into consideration the target audience for such capacity-building efforts, which is composed of decision makers and staff in agencies and regional and international organizations, networks of practitioners, and communities of practice; and taking into consideration ongoing training efforts conducted by Regional Centres for Space Science and Technology Education which are affiliated to the United Nations, Centres of Excellence, and Universities around the world, the databases of training opportunities has been established and is continuously updated by UN-SPIDER.

Please note that the information herewith is prepared by UNOOSA/UN-SPIDER in order to facilitate the dissemination of the information on the training and educational opportunities. The United Nations is not affiliated to the organizations /institutions contained in the Database, as well as to their programmes. The UN is not responsible for the contents of the web sites provided in the Database and for the quality of the events offered through it.

For more information regarding the events please contact organizations/institutions responsible for them directly.

Title Starting Date Venue City Training Event Type
Online course on earthquake risk reduction 14/11/2014
3rd International Training Course on Small Satellite Missions 10/11/2014 Dehradun Training Event
44th Regional Training Course on Disaster Management 10/11/2014 Bangkok Training Event
Diplomado Virtual en Gestión del Riesgo de Desastres - GRD 10/11/2014 Academic Training Opportunity
10th International Training Course on GIS for Disaster Risk Management 03/11/2014 Bangkok Training Event
10th International Training Course on GIS for Disaster Risk Management 27/10/2014 Bangkok Training Event
International training course on seismology, seismic data analysis, hazard assessment and risk mitigation 06/10/2014 Bogota Training Event
Climate Change and resilient cities 29/09/2014 The Hague Academic Training Opportunity
Webinar: Vegetation Analysis in the Desert Using Satellite Imagery 24/09/2014 Web-based Training Event
Webinar: Vegetation Analysis in the Desert Using Satellite Imagery 24/09/2014 Web-based Training Event
5th Regional training Course on Mainstreaming Disaster Risk Reduction into National Development Process 22/09/2014 Bangkok Training Event
International Training Course on Drought Monitoring and Assessment using Space Technology 18/09/2014 Beijing Training Event
Maestría Profesional en Geomática Aplicada a la Gestión de Riesgos Ambientales 15/09/2014 Entre Ríos, Argentina Academic Training Opportunity
Climate Change Vulnerability Assessments 08/09/2014 Jackson, WY
5th ESA Advanced Training Course on Land Remote Sensing 08/09/2014 Valencia
GIS and remote sensing in disaster, risk and emergency management capacity building 08/09/2014 Nairobi Training Event
High Impact Weather - Event Week 2014 (EUMeTrain) 08/09/2014 Web-based Training Event
6th international training course on climate risk management in a changing environment 01/09/2014 Bangkok Training Event
Geospatial and Mapping Science Degrees 01/09/2014 Glasgow Academic Training Opportunity
Deforestation and Forest Degradation Mapping and Monitoring Using Multi-Sale Geo-spatial Methods 04/08/2014 Kathmandu Training Event
Ninth Post Graduate Diploma Course in Space and Atmospheric Science (SAS 9) 01/08/2014 Ahmedabad Academic Training Opportunity
9th Post Graduate Course in Satellite Meteorology and Global Climate 01/08/2014 Ahmedabad Academic Training Opportunity
23rd Regional Training Course on Community Based Disaster Risk Reduction in a Changing Climate 28/07/2014 Siem Reap Training Event
Training Course: Who, what, when, where: Mapping for urban humanitarian response 24/07/2014 Web-based Training Event
ESA International Summerschool on GNSS 2014 21/07/2014 Ostrava Training Event
E-tutorial on the Post-2015 Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 03/07/2014 Web-based Training Event
Community based disaster risk management 30/06/2014 Training Event
E-Learning Course - Risk Sensitive Land-Use Planning 16/06/2014 New Delhi Web-based Training Event
Flood Risk Management 10/06/2014 Academic Training Opportunity
2nd International training workshop on space technology for disaster mitigation 03/06/2014 Beijing Training Event
Training: Building Resilient Communities - Community-Managed Disaster Risk Reduction 21/05/2014 Kathmandu Training Event
Webinar: NASA Remote Sensing for Land Management 20/05/2014
Building earthquake resilience through technology 20/05/2014 Web-based Training Event
Disaster Risk Management and Environmental Assessment for Spatial Planning 20/05/2014 Twente Academic Training Opportunity
Spatial Analysis with ArcGIS Online 15/05/2014 Web-based Training Event
E-Learning course: Risk analysis 15/05/2014 Web-based Training Event
European Hyperspectral Seminar 12/05/2014 Gilching Training Event
Climate Change Vulnerability Assessments 22/04/2014 Jackson, WY Academic Training Opportunity
Urban Flood Management and Disaster Risk Mitigation 21/04/2014 Training Event
9th international course on earthquake vulnerability reduction 21/04/2014 Bangkok Training Event
Training Workshop on Glacier Hydrological Monitoring and Assessment 21/04/2014 Training Event
Advanced Training in Remote Sensing and GIS 14/04/2014 Karachi Training Event
Comprehensive disaster risk management framework 14/04/2014 Web-based Training Event
Online certificate course on mainstreaming gender into community based disaster risk management 02/04/2014 Web-based Training Event
Image Analysis for Natural Disaster Response 04/03/2014 Web-based Training Event
3rd Regional Training Course on End-to-End Multi Hazards Early Warning Systems 03/03/2014 Phuket Training Event
Natural Disaster awareness for community leaders 28/02/2014 Southhampton, New York Training Event
Introduction to Disaster Management 26/02/2014 Web-based Training Event
Spirit Training for National Drought Monitoring Authority (NDMA) 24/02/2014 Nairobi
Training on operational tropical cyclone forecasting at RSMC tropical cyclone 17/02/2014 New Delhi Training Event