6th Interdisciplinary International Conference on RISK Information Management, Risk Models, and Applications

Event Organisers: 

CODATA-Germany, the German National Committee for the ISC (ICSU) Committee on Data for Science and Technology


HTW Berlin University of Applied Sciences; German Cartographic Society Commission on "Risks, Disaster, Security"; Technical Committee on Environmental Informatics


26/08/2020 to 27/08/2020

Registration Deadline: 

Saturday, August 15, 2020


This international interdisciplinary workshop on Risk Information Management, Risk Models, and Applications will enable the sharing of best practices as well as provide space for discussing methodological problems in risk modeling from the information systems point of view for all phases of the disaster cycle. 

The following areas will be of central interest for the workshop:  

  • risk information management, risk information models

  • risk databases, risk information interoperability, 
    standards development

  • risk information processes modelling and applications, 
    services and service composition

  • natural,technical, chemical risks from local to international level

  • risk information system structure, components

  • risk-related databases

  • risk and multi-risk cartographic issues

  • risk and risk-model change in time and space

  • risk modeling issues for infrastructure (e.g. factories, railways, highways, pipelines, maritime traffic etc.)

  • disaster management and emergency preparedness, prevention, alert, response and mitigation

  • data processing related to risk management issues with special regard to information system structural aspects and Risk Model Methodology and implementation

  • documentation, archiving, and open access to risk and disaster information

  • health and biological risks issues for humans, and the environment

  • risk communication 
    (decisionmaking, actors, public awareness etc.)

  • urban neighborhood risk information and mapping

  • user-group specific risk management issues

Contributions are expected from different fields of the science communities to exchange best practices and initiate recommendations for future research and development. For those interested in submitting full papers, the submission deadline is 15 January 2020. Standard registration for the conference will end on 15 May 2020. 


HTW Berlin University of Applied Sciences, Wilhelminenhofstrasse 75A, 12459 Berlin

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