Urban Flood Management and Disaster Risk Mitigation

Event Organisers: 

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Office - IHE Institute for Water Education (UNESCO-IHE)


21/04/2014 to 09/05/2014

Registration Deadline: 

Friday, March 21, 2014

Training Target Audience: 

Professionals active in the urban water sector

Language of event: 


Additional Information: 


It is possible to take part in the examination of this short course. If you obtain a passing mark for this examination and return to UNESCO-IHE within four years after completion of the short course to follow a full MSc programme, you will receive exemption for this short course/module. The costs for this exam are €250 extra and should be borne by yourself. Taking part in the examination is not compulsory.

This is a short course which gives an introduction in theory and practice of flood risk estimation and modeling of floods in urban areas. Participants will be familiar with planning, design, operation and maintenance of urban drainage systems. Pre-requisites are a basic knowledge of hydraulics and hydrology.

Main Topics will include:

  • Urban Development Planning and Asset Management
  • Urban Hydrology and Climate Change
  • System Performance Assessment
  • Flood Risks and Types - Fluvial, Coastal, Pluvial and flash floods
  • Flood Inundation Modelling
  • Supporting Technologies
  • Flood Risk Estimation and Management
  • Modeling Uncertainty
  • Theory and Practice of Disaster Management

Training Requirements: 

Basic Knowledge of hydraulics and hydlorogy

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