The Natural Hazards Journal's new issue focuses on multi-scale mapping and exposure information
The Natural Hazards journal of the International Society for the Prevention and Mitigation of Natural Hazards has published a special issue entitled “Geospatial data for multi-scale mapping and characterization of elements at risk.” The aim of this issue is to inform the geospatial community on the latest developments, capabilities and limitations regarding mappings of elements at risk. It deals primarily with mapping and characterization of the exposed elements while trying to widen the utility for risk-related analysis and applications by showing concepts, methods and data that are hazard-independent. Such concept intends to address a broad scope of researchers and stakeholders. The issue discusses the establishment of exposure information on assets potentially affected by a hazardous event (e.g. people, properties and infrastructure). There have been previous works that already generated detailed exposure information, but most of them suffer from small-area coverage, high data costs and large processing requirements. This issue thus comes up with suggestions on approaches to estimate exposure in large areas while keeping a high spatial detail and internalizing capabilities for frequent updating and monitoring. Such approaches can significantly improve global risk models.    Browse all the volumes and issues here:

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