Earth Disasters: A Future Vision Of Response And Recovery Tools

The influence of Earth remote sensing satellites in disaster management can be greatly enhanced over the next decade, becoming a far more powerful tool than today to help mitigate the effects of natural and human-made calamities.

"The use of remote sensing - from space and the air - should be a routine and cost-effective means of support to disaster response and recovery," Williamson said. In the near future, remote sensing data should be routinely and quickly geo-referenced and analyzed, he said, resulting in information delivered to first responders within 24 hours of collection. Williamson also noted that satellite telecommunications can be used more effectively to deliver information to response and recovery teams throughout the recuperation process.   Today, many more countries and groups are becoming familiar with remote sensing methods. Also, Internet tools, such as Google Earth and Bing, have made the information potential of remote sensing data and concepts much more accessible to the average computer user than ever before.   Source: terradailiy


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