DMCii-led project exploits satellites to strengthen UK disaster response

The project is being run by a consortium of five organisations: DMCii takes the lead role, with Infoterra Ltd supporting the Earth observation components, Avanti Communications taking the satellite communications role, Nottingham Scientific Ltd working on satellite navigation and the British Geological Survey providing additional expertise on geohazards. The system will be used for all types of emergencies listed in the UK's National Risk Register but the project's focus is on flood scenarios. Flooding in summer 2007 cost the UK an estimated Pounds 3 billion, with more than 55,000 homes and businesses inundated and hundreds of thousands of homes losing power or water.Space is set to become an important resource for UK disaster response efforts. DMCii is leading a new European Space Agency (ESA) project to design and build a system for the UK civil resilience community - those tasked with responding to and recovering from disasters - putting space-based systems at their disposal.

The 'Integrating Space Assets for UK Civil Resilience' project is part of ESA's Integrated Applications Promotion (IAP) programme, which develops value-added services by integrating space assets such as Earth observation, satellite communications and satellite navigation. The project will run for approximately 14 months, after which a follow-up demonstration phase is envisaged.


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