West Africa seen from space by NASA's Aqua satellite

Togo has developed a new topographic map. The database will be used for disaster risk reduction and emergency response as well as climate change effects, as the website Icilome reported.

The map was created by the Ministry of... read more

Publishing Date: 09/09/2013

From 13 to 17 July 2009, UN-SPIDER conducted a technical advisory mission to Togo upon the official request of the Togolese Government to assess the existing use of space-based technology and information for disaster management and emergency response in the country. Following Burkina Faso, Ghana and Namibia this was the fourth UN... read more

Publishing Date: 30/07/2009

In March 2009, the Government of Togo officially requested a UN-SPIDER technical advisory mission to assess the existing use of space-based technology and information for disaster management and emergency... read more

Publishing Date: 02/07/2009

Advisory Support

La République du Togo est sujette à de fréquentes inondations et sécheresses. Les invasions de criquets contribuent à mettre en péril la sécurité alimentaire de la population locale. A l’invitation du Gouvernement Togolais, une Mission Technique Consultative d’ONU-SPIDER a été sollicitée pour identifier les domaines potentiels où les informations et technologies spatiales pourraient jouer un plus grand rôle et proposer des recommandations sur la façon dont le Togo pourrait améliorer l’accès à ces ressources.

Mission dates: 14/07/2009 to 17/07/2009

The Republic of Togo is prone to frequent floods and droughts. Locust plagues contribute to endangering the food security of the local population. In addition, vector borne diseases and epidemics of weather- and climate-sensitive infectious diseases cause massive disruption to societies. At the invitation of the Government of Togo, a UN-SPIDER Technical Advisory Mission was requested to identify potential areas where space-based technology and information could play a greater role, and propose recommendations how to improve Togo's access to these resources.

Mission dates: 14/07/2009 to 17/07/2009
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