Nigeria Regional Support Office


The UN-SPIDER Regional Support Office (RSO) in Nigeria is hosted by the National Space Research and Development Agency (NASRDA). The RSO in Nigeria was established in 2008 with the mandate to promote and support the use of space technology within and outside of Nigeria in the management of the full disaster cycle including prevention and mitigation.

Experiencia Institucional: 

The UN-SPIDER Nigeria RSO is staffed with three technical experts in remote sensing and GIS. The RSO has a Centre for Space Science and Technology Education in IlE-IFE, Osun State. Nigeria is in collaboration with the UNOOSA African Regional Centre for Space Science and Technology Education.
The office is equipped with three desktop workstations, one A3 desktop scanner, one Laserjet printer and broadband internet service (230 kbps).

Bases de datos disponibles e información obtenida desde el espacio: 

The RSO has concluded the archiving of Landsat thematic mapper and enhanced thematic mapper images covering all of Nigeria. The images' dates range from the 1980s to 2004. The imagery is multispectral with a spatial resolution of 28.5 metres. Images are acquired from the University of Maryland Global Landcover Facility, USA ( The RSO also compiled NigeriaSat-1 satellite imagery for Niger with a spatial resolution of 32 metres.

Sobre la institución anfitriona: 

The UN-SPIDER Nigeria RSO is hosted by the National Space Research and Development Agency (NASRDA).  NASRDA is a research institution that is under the supervision of the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology of Nigeria.

The Agency was established on May 5, 1999 with the broad objective to pursue the development and application of space science and technology for the socio-economic benefits of the nation.

Its vision is to make Nigeria build indigenous expertise in developing, designing and building appropriate hard- and software in space technology as an essential tool for its socio-economic development and enhancement of the quality of life of its people.

Contribuciones a y participación en las actividades de ONU-SPIDER: 

Hazard-specific expertise: 

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