8th Regional Training Course On Mainstreaming Disaster Risk Reduction Into Development Process

Asian Disaster Preparedness Center (ADPC)
Mon, Aug 21 - Fri, Aug 25 2017

Disaster risk within a country has its roots in development decisions that do not adequately address disaster concerns, and the resulting disasters are coming at the cost of development and poverty reduction. By not considering disaster risk in development planning, new risks could be unintentionally created or existing ones exacerbated through investments in infrastructure and public services, and through improper planning and regulation.


Module 1: Introduction to disaster risk reduction

The first module will provide participants with the basic knowledge on disaster risk reduction (DRR) that is required to support a detailed understanding of mainstreaming. The module will cover terminologies related to DRR, discuss the comprehensive link between disasters and development, and provide a basic outline on risk assessment and how to use risk information to guide development decisions.

Module 2: Mainstreaming disaster risk reduction into the development planning process

This module will form the core of the training and will start by providing a detailed explanation of what is mainstreaming and provide a broad framework for mainstreaming DRR. The subsequent session will then aim to break down the development planning processes into key components and suggest the approaches for mainstreaming DRR into the respective component.

Module 3: Enabling environment for mainstreaming

The final module will introduce actions required to initiate and sustain the process of mainstreaming DRR into development. Topics covered include advocacy, monitoring and evaluation for mainstreaming, and financing options for DRR.

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The training is targeted at government officials responsible for disaster risk reduction policy and planning, national development planning, land-use planning, local development or finance; representatives of national forums on the Millennium Development Goals; and related agencies. Also for development professionals from developing agencies working closely with government agencies on issues related to development policy, planning, and programs.?
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