Building earthquake resilience through technology

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As we approach the 25th anniversary of the Loma Prieta Earthquake, it is time to ask the question, “Is California better prepared for a catastrophic event?” and “Are there new technology solutions that can make a difference in saving lives and property?”.

Since the Loma Prieta event, California’s population, physical infrastructure, and GDP, have all increased dramatically and researchers are now predicting a high probability of a major earthquake occurring in a densely populated area of California within the next 20 to 30 years.

What will be the impact? Are there technology solutions that can improve community disaster resilience that didn’t exist at the time of Loma Prieta? How can emergency management agencies in California include the “Whole Community” in sustainable preparedness and response efforts?

On May 20th, Brent Woodworth of the Los Angeles Emergency Preparedness Foundation, and the Community Stakeholder Network of Los Angeles, will lead a thought provoking webinar on earthquake preparedness for the Golden State. Mr. Woodworth will discuss how technology solutions can play a strategic role in Community Resilience against the threat of a major earthquake. Mr. Woodworth will be followed by Shawn Smith, Chief Evangelist of EVI, who will discuss the role of technology in DRM and will demonstrate EVI’s solution, ResponseVision® 4.0.

What will you learn?

New approaches to community resilience utilizing technology for data sharing
Best practices in mobile technology for managing Disaster Resources
Major earthquake threats to the Golden State
Q+A focused on California preparedness initiatives


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