E-Learning course: Risk analysis

National Institute of Disaster Management NIDM, India

Thu, May 15 - Mon, Jun 9 2014

During the last decade risk analysis has emerged as an effective and comprehensive procedure to guide the overall societal response to, and management of disasters. Risk analysis is carried out to reduce (a) casualties from potential disasters, (b) disruption to the economic and social activities, and to mainstream (c) the culture of safety in all activities undertaken by city and national governments. It became part of decision making in sectors such as healthcare, environment, physical infrastructure systems, to cite a few.

The Risk Analysis course introduces the concepts, methods and tools to assess hazard, vulnerability, risk and the impact associated with earthquakes and floods. It demonstrates how risk analysis is applied to formulate disaster risk reduction policies. It introduces tools and models used to assess disaster impact, both direct and indirect, and methods to quantify it for earthquakes and floods. As the end of the course, participants will be able to judge and appreciate the information presented in risk maps.