Pollution monitoring over Italy with Sentinel-5P

RUS Webinar – Pollution monitoring over Italy with Sentinel-5P. Image: RUS

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Wednesday, April 15, 2020


During this webinar, participants will learn how to access the RUS environment allowing to download, process, analyse and visualize the free data acquired by the Copernicus satellite and you will be introduced to Sentinel-5P data, especially Level 2 Products. Participants will then discuss the structure of the netCDF files used to distribute the data and we will explore them using the well-known Python library xarray. In addition, participants will learn how to generate Level 3 products using HARP for a multi-temporal evaluation of NO2. The analysis will focus on Northern Italy, where NO2 emissions drastically dropped since the beginning of March 2020, as a result of Italy’s lockdown due to Covid-19, leading to a slump of the industrial activity.

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