GeoEye-2: GeoEye's next generation

GeoEye's next-generation imaging system, GeoEye-2 has been delivered to its operator in California, Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company. GeoEye-2 will become operational in 2013 to produce high resolution and most accurate color imagery to GeoEye’s commercial, government and international customers. Its Exelis-built imaging equipment includes a telescope, sensor subsystem and outer barrel assembly. Furthermore GeoEye-2 has the potential to capture panchromatic ground sample distance imagery of the Earth's surface at 0.34m, or 13.38-inch, ground resolution.

GeoEye-2 will feature significant improvements in capability, including enhanced tasking, better resolution through longer focal length, improved image quality through an advanced sensor subsystem; and the ability to collect more imagery at a faster rate.

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