The Angolan Province of Cunene has over the past 3 weeks experienced heavy rains mostly affecting the central part of the Cunene Province. The Three worst affected municipalities are located in the south: Kwahama, Namacunde and Cuvelai.

Source : Glide number

Heavy rains have caused floods in Angola's southern and central provinces of Moxico, Cunene, Kuando Dubango, Bie, Lunda Sul, Uige and Malange since early May 2009. Part of the flooded areas are landmine contaminated. According to officials, 220,000 people are affected so far and 71 deaths were reported.

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In Angola 10,000 people have lost their homes to floods in the southern province of Cunene.

Source GLIDEnumber

Cholera : killed 9, 143 affected persons

Source : Emdat

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