Environmental Monitoring and Impact Assessment using Satellite Remote Sensing & Ground based Techniques

Event Organisers: 

Inter Islamic Network on Space Sciences and Technology (ISNET)

Venue City: 



SUPARCO Satellite Research and Developmant Centre (SRDC)


04/04/2011 to 08/04/2011

Language of event: 



Course Objectives
• Create better understanding of environmental issues and climate change processes
• Enhance capabilities of participants to make use of satellite data for environmental monitoring and climate change related issues.
• Exchange information for mitigation of environmental degradation and adaptation to climate change.

Course Contents
The following topics will be covered during the course:
• Environmental issues in Pakistan.
• Satellite & Ground-based Environmental Monitoring
• Climate Change impacts in Pakistan
• Identifying Sources & Sinks of Pollutants
• Introduction to Satellite systems & and their Capabilities
• Hands-on Exercise using remote sensing and CIS Software
• Snow & Glaciers Monitoring & Modelling


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