Sentinel Asia

Sentinel Asia is a voluntary initiative led by the Asia-Pacific Regional Space Agency Forum (APRSAF) and was established in 2005 as a collaboration among space agencies and Disaster management agencies under the APRSAF initiative. It supports disaster management efforts in the Asia-Pacific region through the provision of space-based information and imagery derived from earth observation satellites. A Joint Project Team (JPT) supports the implementation of Sentinel Asia. A step-by-step procedure has been adopted for the implementation of Sentinel Asia since 2006. Step 1 focused on the implementation of the data dissemination system as a pilot project (2006-2007). Step 2 targeted the expansion of the dissemination backbone through new satellite communication systems (2008-2012) and Step 3 comprises the provision of space-based information covering all phases of the disaster management cycle, enhanced collaboration, and capacity building efforts (2013 onwards).

Eligible requestors/End-users

Eligible requestors for Sentinel Asia are Asian Disaster Reduction Centre (ADRC) member organizations and representative organizations of the JPT. Membership of the JPT is open to all APRSAF member countries, disaster prevention organizations and regional / international organizations prepared to contribute their experience and technical capabilities and who wish to participate in disaster information sharing activities.

Conditions for activation

Sentinel Asia provides geo-spatial information derived from earth observation satellites upon request in case of major disasters as well as for wildfire monitoring, flood monitoring and glacier lake outburst flood monitoring.

Request/Point of Contact

Eligible requestors can request the activation of the mechanism via email ( or telephone (+81-50-3362-7838).


Currently, Sentinel Asia uses data received from the following satellites: ALOS (JAXA), IRS (ISRO), THEOS (GISTDA), and KOMPSAT (KARI). Sentinel Asia acquires and analyzes the satellite data and discloses the information through the Sentinel Asia website.


Sentinel Asia provides satellite imagery (to the extent permitted by the imagery provider) and value added maps highlighting the affected areas as well as on-site digital photos of the disaster area. Sentinel Asia also shares data on wildfire hotspot and rainfall information derived from satellite data, meteorological satellite information and data. The data is being shared via the web or satellite communication.

Profile of Mechanism

International Charter Space and Major Disasters


Sentinel Asia

Year established


Disaster phases covered

Prevention, Mitigation, Preparedness, Response, Recovery

Areas covered


+81 50 362 7838