In some areas, rainfall was 1839 percent above the average

Between December 24 and 25, 2013, the eastern Caribbean islands of Dominica, Saint Lucia and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines were affected by torrential rains which triggered massive flooding and local landslides. The Associated Press reported that on the three islands, there were some 20 casualties. The Prime Ministers of those countries declared the state of national disaster, and even the head of the Organization of American States gave a statement on the tragedy.

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Publishing Date: 30/01/2014


CDEMA is the regional disaster management body of the Caribbean Community. Its role is to be facilitator, driver, coordinator and motivating force to the promotion and engineering of Comprehensive Disaster Management (CDM) in all the participating states. CDM is an integrated and proactive approach to disaster management that seeks to reduce the risk and loss associated with natural and technological hazards, as well as the effects of climate change to enhance regional sustainable development.



Tropical Storm Tomas has resulted in wide spread roof loss, downed power lines and fallen trees across Barbados. Over 17 inches of rain was reported at the airport. Approximately, 130 homes have been damaged, mainly in the parishes of St. George and St. Lucy, though damage has also been reported in the parishes of St. Phillip, St. Andrew, St. Joseph, St. Michael and St. Michel. 80% of the electrical service to Barbados was disrupted and water supply was significantly reduced in many areas, although both services are now being restored. Brown water contamination has also been reported in some areas. The disruption to water services has left some polyclinics closed. Telephone lines are still experiencing disruption across the island but cell phones are operational.

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