Heavy rains on 3 June 2010 resulted in mudflows and landslides in southern Kyrgyzstan that affected Jalalabat and Osh regions. In total 1,670 families (approximately 8,350 people) were affected by mudflows with their houses being damaged, 37 of which became uninhabitable. District and interregional roads, cultivation areas and mud dams have also been damaged and destroyed by mudflows.


An outbreak of poliomyelitis provoked by a wild poliovirus of type I was reported in Tajikistan in March. It is the first outbreak of imported poliomyelitis in WHO European region since it was certified polio-free in 2002. Uzbekistan has also reported one AFP case in Tashkent which was under investigation. The polio outbreak in the region can have severe adverse impact on public health and is a signal to introduction of a higher state of anti-epidemic... read more

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