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Case study Guatemala: The combined effect of crises and drought

The RIVAF-project had a special focus on the impact of the GEC as detected through impacts related to disasters.

Case study Guatemala: The effect of previous crises

Two international crises before the Global Economic Crisis triggered effects that were detected at the national and local levels.

Case study Guatemala: The impact of the GEC

The project aimed to assess the impact of the GEC on livelihoods, poverty, vulnerability and disasters in Guatemala, and the effects of such impacts in increasing vulnerability and disasters.

Factors affecting poverty, livelihoods and vulnerability

Based on the hypothesis that the GEC negatively affected livelihoods, increased poverty conditions and subsequently increased vulnerability to natural disasters; an ontology was developed to link t

The RIVAF project: Understanding Poverty Assessment through Disaster Impacts

Global Environmental Change – Challenges and Innovations

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East Coast Road (ECR), Chennai
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21/02/2012 - 24/02/2012
Beach Hotel (tbc)
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Department of Applied Geology, University of Madras, India


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Human induced impacts especially rapid urbanization and the growth of world population are some of the contributing factors for global environmental change.