Hurricane Katrina

NOAA: GOES-12 satellite retired after 10 successful years

GOES-12 became operational in 2003

After a successful service of 10 years, NOAA’s


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Wed, 21/08/2013 - 10:42
Wed, 08/21/2013

Satellite programs aid emergency crews battling wildfires

Multiple firefighting agencies are using imagery -- provided by federally funded Landsat 5 and 7, Aqua and Terra satellites -- to combat wildfires that continue to blaze across Arizona.

The satellites capture images of the Earth's surface and then, using color enhancements, firefighters can identify different regions most susceptible to wildfire burning. In the images, burn scars are red, ongoing fires are bright red, vegetation is green, smoke is blue and bare ground is tan-colored.


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Thu, 23/06/2011 - 14:44




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