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Sudanese Ministry of Science and Technology

The Ministry of Science and Technology is responsible of contributing effectively to the construction of civilization by harnessing scientific research, science and technology for the development o

Sudanese Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry

The development of the agriculture is very important for the success of the Sudan’s aims to reduce poverty, increase the economic growth and achieve a sustainable development in the country.

Sudanese Ministry of Health

The Ministry of Health is focusing on the provision of equitable and quality health services that meet the Sudanese people’s expectations and needs, promote their health, improve their qualit

Guatemalan Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food (MAGA)

The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food of Guatemala is a public institution that promotes the sustainable management of the natural resources in order to prompt the territorial, agricultur

Dominican Secretariat Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARENA)

The Ministry of environment and Natural Resources is responsible for establishing standards for the conservation, protection, enhancement and restoration of the environment and natural resources, e

Dominican Secretariat for Public Health and Social Welfare (SESPAS)

The SESPAS is the Dominican Ministry of Health.

Chilean Ministry of National Assets

The Ministry of National Assets is in charge of recognizing, managing and administrating the fiscal patrimony of all Chileans, maintaining the cadastre of the state property to date.

Chilean Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the State Office responsible for planning, directing, coordinating, executing and disseminating Foreign Policy as determined by the President of the Republic.

Cameroonian Ministry of Transportation (MINT)

The Ministry is responsible for the coordinated development of all transportation. It maintains and regulates the organization and the functioning of air, rail, road and maritime transport.

Cameroonian Ministry of Higher Education (MINESUP)

The Ministry is in charge of implementing and developing government policies and programmes in higher education.