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It is UN-SPIDER’s mandate to enable all countries to access and use for disaster management and disaster risk reduction. The team has therefore launched a new section on the UN-SPIDER Knowledge Portal which contains a database on freely available, archived satellite imagery and derived products.


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New: Free satellite datasets and GIS/RS software

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Wed, 12/02/2014 - 14:12

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Wed, 02/12/2014

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IGAC: New Satellite image processing system

MODIS image caught by NASA's Terra satellite shows floods in Colombia

The UN-SPIDER Regional Support Office in Colombia, Instituto Geografico Agustin Codazzi (IGAC), has enhanced its capacities to create accurate maps and baselines by acquiring a GeoImaging Accelerator (GXL) Satellite and Aerial processing system from the remote sensing software provider PCI


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Thu, 30/01/2014 - 11:47





Thu, 01/30/2014

Links and Resources

An effective use of in all phases of the disaster management cycle requires access to data and tools as well as knowledge of methods. If data and data products are accessible and capacity to use or create resources is built, countries, as well as national or international organizations can create space-based products tailored to their individual needs and conditions.


ArcGIS Desktop (esri)

ArcGIS Explorer Desktop (esri)

ASTRIUM Sample Imagery (ASTRIUM)


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