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Türksat’s Satellite Communication for Emergency Reponse in the Field

Current Status and Considerations for the Future

Introduction of German Aerospace Center on the international cooperation and engagement in disaster management. Points of current status and recommendations for the future included.

SERVIR The Regional Visualization and Monitoring System

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An overview about SERVIR, that is a regional visualization and monitoring system that uses satellite imagery and other data sources for environmental and disaster management.

Search, Organize and Share: How Information Services Support Disaster Management

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Presentation on Search, Organize and Share: How Information Services Support Disaster Management of GeoEye Capacity Development solution.

Activities of UN-SPIDER RSO in Ukraine

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• Establishment of UN-SPIDER RSO in Ukraine
• RSO Workplan
GEO-UA Conference – official opening
ceremony of RSO
• Fire Monitoring in Ukraine 2010
• Flood Monitoring

A Brazilian Effort Towards Ocean Model Forecast in the South Atlantic – The Oceanographic Modeling and Observation Research Network (REMO) : An emphasis to remotely sensed products

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•Remotely sensed products(SST andSSH) 

•Modeling approach


Integrated European Industrial Risk Reduction System - Large Demonstration in Hungary 2011

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An overview of integrated European industrial Risk Reduction System, large demonstration in Hungary 2011.

Interoperability is Key - The necessity of international standards and the OGC Emergency and Disaster Management

Earthquake Emergency Preparedness in Central-Hungary - Preparing Rapid Response Measurements using Remote Sensing and GIS-Methods

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• Earthquakes in Hungary
• Digital Image Processing of LANDSAT- and RapidEye-Data
• Weighted Overlay of Factors Influencing Surface-near Earthquake
• Emergency Preparedness

SAFER and the GMES Emergency Response Service: One step closer to full-scale operational deployment

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Overview of SAFER (Services and Applications For Emergency Response) and GMES Emergency Response Service. Examples of SAFER activations were showed.