Capacity Building

Capacity Building and the strengthening of institutional arrangements at all levels are the key to increasing the ability of individuals and organizations to access and effectively use space-based services for disaster reduction, preparedness, response and recovery.

By providing training opportunities, UN-SPIDER facilitates the development of knowledge and skills of individuals regarding the use of space-based data and information for disaster and risk management.

But Capacity Building goes beyond the training of individuals. It is imperative also for institutions to integrate space-based information into their information systems and standard operating procedures. Accordingly, incentives, norms, regulations, and policies need to be established promoting the use of space-based information and applications as a way to achieve disaster risk reduction. Institutional strengthening through UN-SPIDER activities aims at providing policy-relevant advice to this effect. UN-SPIDER Technical Advisory Missions are a core element in this context.

  1.  (Version Nov. 2009)