Stakeholder Workshop on Earth observation-based information products for drought risk on a national basis

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DiMTEC, University of the Free State (UFS), South Africa, ZFL, University of Bonn, UNU-EHS, UNOOSA / UN-SPIDER



  • South Africa


Pretoria and Eastern Cape



04/06/2018 to 08/06/2018

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Monday, June 4, 2018

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Target Audience: 

Stakeholders, key decision makers, and operational technical audience from the rural development and agricultural sector, water, sanitation, economic and disaster management communities, space agencies, research and technology entities.


The EvIDENz stakeholder workshop is being held to make decision makers and technical staff of several institutions of South Africa aware of the workflow developed by ZFL and UNU-EHS to contribute to the estimation of the impacts of droughts on crops and livestock, to understand drought risks and to discuss a methodological approach to implement the use of the workflow. In addition, the workshop will be used to train technical staff on the use of the workflows as presented in the UN-SPIDER Knowledge Portal.

The stakeholder workshop in South Africa will include segments in Pretoria and in Eastern Cape. The segment in Pretoria will allow participants from government agencies at the national level to take note of the types of information which can be obtained from the workflow and will include a dedicated training segment for technical participants. The segment in Eastern Cape will target local government officials and stakeholders and as in the case of Pretoria, it will allow participants to take note of the workflow.

Through technical presentations and subsequent discussions, the stakeholder workshop will explore ways to incorporate the use of the workflow by the local government in Eastern Cape and the national government in Pretoria to generate relevant information to be included in the report on progress achieved in the implementation of the Sendai Framework, and to gather feedback from decision-makers and from technical staff with regard to refinements of the methodological approach and to be integrated in the final version of the recommended practices.

The training segment of the stakeholder workshop, to be conducted in Pretoria, will be used to train technical staff on the use of the workflows.  

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