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The UKFRS IDHA conference is a unique annual event intended to provide a platform to highlight and showcase the diverse range of development and humanitarian aid activities coordinated and delivered by a variety of UK fire and rescue services, charities, NGO's and individual efforts throughout the world.

The conference is designed to develop and enhance the understanding of the current international development agenda and policies as well as provide a networking opportunity to enable delegates to share their own development and understanding of such a key specialist area.

In 2015 the Workshop theme is focused on Defence Regional Engagement, to establish an understanding of the role of human geography in enabling and supporting understanding within that context. The potential for future workshops and collaborative partnerships to focus on specific thematic and/or regional challenges will also be considered.

The UK Defence Engagement Strategy sets out how all defence activity will be prioritised to focus engagement efforts on those countries which are most important to UK interests, and where the desired effect is most likely to be achieved.

The goal of the 2015 workshop is to engage with policy makers, academics, practitioners and end-users in the spatial socio-cultural area and in other fields involved in Defence Regional Engagement to develop a collective understanding of  the requirements for successful Defence Engagement activities from across the range of stakeholders.


ENGAGE 2015 is a senior-level, invitation-only gathering bringing together key geospatial players and over 200 professionals from oil & gas, mining, environment, agriculture, global development organisations, defence & intelligence and location based services, for two days of discussion, engagement and learning.

Gain insight into the challenges and opportunities faced by senior-level executives from some of the world’s most eminent organisations across energy, mining, environment, agriculture, global development organisations, defence & intelligence and location based services.

Discuss your requirements with experts from the industry and influence future capabilities that can impact your organization’s performance.


This meeting will celebrate 25 years of geological remote sensing focusing on the pinnacle moments during this period as well as looking at the wide range of remote sensing tools, latest developments, sensors and applications that are now available.

The CEOI-ST has a vision to develop and strengthen UK expertise and capabilities in Earth observation (EO) instruments and works to position the UK to win leading roles in future international space programmes. The programme supports mainstream projects and smaller projects, both selected through Open Calls to the EO community.

However, although the technical drive has been to produce instruments for space, in many cases the resulting technologies have non-space applications. A number of sectors which could be potential beneficiaries of such technologies include healthcare, defence and security, analytical instrumentation, marine industries and environmental.

Objectives: The event is open to all interested parties and aims to:

  • Highlight collaborative opportunities emanating from remote sensing technologies in space
  • Outline the particular needs in Earth Observation for spin-in technologies
  • Showcase a number of CEOI projects

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20th October 2014, 13:00 to 14:30, W007, Dept of Geography, Dr Ines V. Danao, Asian Social Institute

A seminar considering lessons to be drawn from the disaster risk reduction and management responses to Typhoon Haiyan in 2013; the 1990 Baguio Earthquake; 1991 Mount Pinatubo Eruption; and 2004 Mudfloods caused by Typhoon Winnie in the Philippines will be given by Dr Nancy Parreño from the Philippine Women’s University and Dr Inès V. Danao from the Asian Social Institute.

While both speakers have been involved in supporting victim survivors of these disasters, Dr Parreño will highlight community risk reduction and resilience building in the aftermath of such disasters and Dr Danao will emphasise governance issues, the creation of child friendly spaces in evacuation centres and critical incident stress debriefing.

This event was developed through links made with Professor Lena Dominelli at Durham in the aftermath of Hurricane Haiyan (known in the Philippines as... read more

Course Outline:

  • Understand the concepts of networks and network datasets
  • Learn how to create network datasets and define their properties
  • Find out how to perform network analysis
  • Appreciate how network analysis can be used to solve real world problems such as routing, shortest path and shortest time


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