A hazard caused by asteroids, meteoroids, and comets as they pass near-earth, enter the Earth’s atmosphere, and/or strike the Earth, and by changes in interplanetary conditions that effect the Earth’s magnetosphere, ionosphere, and thermosphere.

UN-SPIDER Regional Support Offices with hazard-specific expertise

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  • Today, 3 April 2023, the 8th IAA Planetary Defense Conference started in Vienna, Austria, taking place until 7 April as a hybrid conference with two venues.

    The Vienna International Centre hosts the conference from 3-6 April, while the Austrian Academy of Sciences will host it on 7 April. The conference will cover a range of topics related to planetary defense, including ongoing and upcoming mission highlights, hypothetical asteroid threat exercise, key international and policy development, near-Earth object discovery and characterization, deflection and disruption modeling and testing, space mission and campaign design, impact effects and consequences, disaster management and impact response, public education and communications, and political, legal, social, and economic aspects.

    Registered participants can join in-person or online and will have access to conference materials, including a decision tree, pocket reference, and decision-maker's guide. The conference…

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UN-SPIDER Regional Support Offices with hazard-specific expertise