• Report: North Korea Test-Fires More Missiles Mer Juin 3 2009
    Report by South Korea's Yonhap news agency cites unnamed government sources who say the missiles were fired from an east coast launch pad
  • Health prize for Indigenous healers Mer Juin 3 2009
    Indigenous healers say governments need to do more to support traditional medicine and partnerships on Indigenous mental health need to be nurtured. Traditional healers, or Ngangkaris, work in Aboriginal communities providing care including for mental health. Ngangkari, Andy Tjilari, says healers work across a wide part of central Australia.
  • N. Korea's nuclear blast draws world's ire Mer Juin 3 2009
    Regime defenders Russia, China join other world powers in denouncing test The United States and allied powers threatened Monday to impose new penalties on North Korea after the defiant regime announced a second....
  • COLOMBO, Sri Lanka, May 25, (Agencies): The defeated Tamil Tiger rebels have confirmed that their supreme leader was killed in the group’s final battle against Sri Lankan troops. The almost mythic com Mer Juin 3 2009
    mander, Velupillai Prabhakaran, led a terror-driven Tamil insurrection in Sri Lanka for more than a quarter century. Last week the government declared it finally killed Prabhakaran and proclaimed victory against his Tamil Tigers, crushing the rebellion that the UN estimates cost between 80,000 to 100,000 lives.
  • Anger, Outrage as NKorea Conducts Nuclear Test Mer Juin 3 2009
    North Korea conducted a second nuclear test yesterday, triggering worldwide condemnation and an emergency United Nations Security Council meeting on the reclusive states action. Raising tensions further, North Korea test-fired three short-range missiles hours later.
  • No plan to reduce biodiesel mandate Mer Juin 3 2009
    He said the government encouraged the use of biodiesel in the country, although it was not as yet mandatory.“We would like to encourage its use because we are a party to the Kyoto Protocol. If the policy is to move in the direction of biodiesel usage, we need to follow.
  • Gore urges leaders to act on climate change Mer Juin 3 2009
    “It’s time to act now… We have to do it this year, not next year,” Gore told the World Business Summit on Climate Change in Copenhagen. “The clock is ticking because Mother Nature does not do bailouts.”“To save the future, we have everything we need except the political will,” the Nobel Peace....
  • EDITORIAL: Space development plan Mer Juin 3 2009
    The first space exploration plan drafted by the government's Strategic Headquarters for Space Development, headed by Prime Minister Taro Aso, renews concerns that focusing too much on military aspects could blight the long-term prospects of the nation's space program.
  • South Korea Won, Stocks Drop on Concern North to Conduct New Nuclear Tests Mer Juin 3 2009
    The currency fell for a second day, while the Kospi stock index declined for four straight sessions after Yonhap News Agency reported South Korea isn’t ruling out the possibility the North will conduct further nuclear tests. The impact on financial markets from the nuclear test will be “limited,” Vice Finance Minister Hur Kyung Wook said.
  • UN chief sees 'violation' if N.Korea test confirmed Mer Juin 3 2009
    The U.N. chief said Monday that a second nuclear test by North Korea would represent 'quot;a clear violation'quot; of a United Nations Security Council resolution. read more
  • Leading article: North Korea returns to its game of nuclear blackmail Mer Juin 3 2009
    So closed is Pyongyang that it is impossible to say with any certainty what North Korea's bellicose gestures towards the outside world indicate about the internal politics of the regime. Yesterday's underground nuclear test has been interpreted by some as evidence of a power struggle sparked by Kim Jong-il's recent stroke.
  • NKorea nuke test threat to world peace: Obama Mer Juin 3 2009
    US President Barack Obama said North Korea's claimed nuclear test constituted a "threat to international peace and security" on Monday, and urged international action against the isolated state.
  • Ban Ki-Moon 'deeply disturbed' Mer Juin 3 2009
    UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has called on Pyongyang to respect UN Security Council resolution 1718, which demands that North Korea refrain from nuclear testing.
  • UN Security Council Condemns North Korea Nuclear Test at Emergency Session Mer Juin 3 2009
    “The members of the Security Council voiced their strong opposition to and condemnation” of the nuclear detonation and missile launch, Ambassadorof Russia, which holds the rotating presidency of the panel this month, told reporters after the meeting in New York.
  • UN chief deplores NKorea test as violation Mer Juin 3 2009
    UNITED NATIONS - The U.N. chief said he strongly deplored a second nuclear test by North Korea that clearly violated a United Nations Security Council resolution, as the council met in emergency sessi...
  • U.N. Chief Deplores N. Korea Test As Violation Mer Juin 3 2009
    The Security Council called an emergency session Monday after North Korea said it carried out a powerful underground nuclear test. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said the test represents a "clear and grave violation" of Security Council resolutions.
  • UN chief deplores NKorea test as violation Mer Juin 3 2009
    UNITED NATIONS (AP) -- The U.N. chief said he strongly deplored a second nuclear test by North Korea that clearly violated a United Nations Security Council resolution, as the council met in emergency session Monday to discuss the matter....
     2. The PIF Leaders expressed their appreciation to the Prime Minister, the Government and the people of Japan for its excellent arrangements in hosting PALM 5, and for the courtesies extended to them during their stay. The PIF Leaders also expressed their gratitude to the Governor of Hokkaido....
  • UK & World News: North Korea conducts nuclear test Mer Juin 3 2009
    The United Nations Security Council is holding an emergency meeting to consider further possible sanctions against North Korea, after the secretive Communist state conducted a second nuclear weapons test.
  • World condemns new nuclear test by Pyongyang regime Mer Juin 3 2009
    US President Barack Obama led global condemnation of North Korea Monday, after the reclusive regime announced it had detonated a second nuclear device underground. Pyongyang's state-media announced it had carried out the test...
  • UN-SPIDER Strengthens Collaboration with Bonn-based UN Agencies and Related Organizations Mer Avr 29 2009
    20 January 2009 - During an official visit to the UN-SPIDER Office in Bonn, Germany, in December 2008, UNOOSA Director Mazlan Othman held a day of discussions with Bonn-based UN agencies and German organizations to review past collaboration and explore future opportunities. The UN meeting included representatives from the International Strategy for Disaster Reduction - Platform for the Promotion...


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