New app shows nearest climate change impact

First step to get located and informed about surrounding geographic data (Image: Esri)

A new app called Field Notes, developed by the mapping technology company Esri, allows identifying the impact of climate change in the surroundings of the user's area.

This new product could help governments, academics and policymakers, among others, to prepare for the upcoming events caused by climate change. At the same time, it creates a higher understanding about the world and the ongoing changes.

The project offers precise geographic information about any location on the globe. This includes the risk of natural hazards and could for instance describe how far is the nearest earthquake zone or the nearest volcano.  

“One of the things that has been lacking before this map came out is this sort of common language way of talking about the eco-system at a higher level,” said Sean Breyer, content program manager at Esri.

The idea of the app came from a partnership between Esri and a U.S. Geological Survey scientist with the aim of showing how different aspects such as bioclimate, landforms and land cover influence the world’s ground formation. 

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