Tropical Storm Ana triggers severe floods in eastern Africa - Copernicus EMS and International Charter active

Heavy rainfalls connected to tropical storm Ana have triggered severe flooding events in eastern Africa, affecting Madagascar, Mozambique, and Malawi. Flooding began after heavy rain in Madagascar on 17 January and continued with tropical storm Ana passing over the countries from 22 January.

In an effort to support the national authorities and their disaster management agencies, several emergency mechanisms making use of space-based technologies have been activated. These mechanisms aim to provide a rapid assessment of the situation, giving information about the extent of the event, affected population, and a first damage assessment.

By utilizing and analyzing available optical and radar satellite imagery, this crucial data and information can be generated, put into maps, services, and reports, which are provided to and accessible by the authorities and other assisting organizations for more efficient disaster response.

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Copernicus Activations:

International Charter Space & Major Disasters:
Mozambique and Malawi:

Additional products and services by UNITAR/UNOSAT:
Satellite detected water extent over Zambezia Province, Mozambique (28 Jan 2022):
Satellite detected water extent over Zambezia and Sofala Province, Mozambique (02 Feb 2022):
Population potentially exposed to floods in Malawi:
Satellite detected water extents in Malawi:
Dashboard for Mozambique:
Dashboard for Malawi:

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