UN-SPIDER July 2012 Updates

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In this issue:

UN-SPIDER at a glance

  • Building partnerships with UN-SPIDER
  • Guatemala follows up on UN-SPIDER recommendation to set up inter-institutional Remote Sensing Group
  • Knowledge Portal: Visit our new Advisory Missions section
  • UN-SPIDER sets dates for two Technical Advisory Missions
  • UN-SPIDER participates in Central American Communicators’ Forum

News from our Regional Support Offices

  • IGAC researches desertification using MODIS data
  • CATHALAC: Regional Landslide Risk Prediction Tool developed for Mesoamerica
  • CATHALAC and Panama sign Host Country Agreement

News from our Community

  • ESA Call for Study Proposals: Improving Disaster Response Capacity
  • Australia makes Landsat Imagery freely available
  • 50 Years of Satellite Communications
  • “Digital Humanitarian Network” established
  • International Charter activated for Floods in India
  • International Charter activated for Floods in Russia
  • Eumetsat joins the International Charter

Upcoming events

  • UN-SPIDER co-organizes Capacity Building event
  • First Announcement: Conference on “Risk Assessment in the Context of Global Climate Change”
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