World Water Week 2013 launched in Stockholm

Yesterday the 2013 World Water Week was launched in Stockholm, Sweden, an international event, organised by the Stockholm International Water Institute. The theme for this year's Week taking place between 1 and 6 September 2013 is “Water Cooperation: Building Partnerships”. Throughout the week, participants will have the opportunity to engage with leaders from government, business, academia and members from nearly 250 convening organisations.The thematic scope of the 2013 World Water Week in Stockholm is formulated from the perspective of the “what’s” and who’s”; in the course of workshops, seminars and other events the “how” questions will be central. Each workshop will also review the progress made in water cooperation.

Some sessions will also look at the use of space-based information in the context of water. A session organized by NASA and the World Resources Institute (WRI) will highlight the use of advanced technologies including satellite and geo data to improve water availability mapping for a target audience of water managers, policy makers and companies as satellites provide synoptic and timely spatial data to address water issues from water availability, including of transboundary and the monitoring of floods and droughts.

UN-SPIDER's Regional Support Office in Nepal, ICIMOD, will be represented by a two-member team. ICIMOD will co-convene two sessions on "Eye on Asia - More Players, Better Rules, Smarter Outcomes" exploring the complexity and scale of basin management with participants in an interactive gaming setting.

In order to participate in discussions on Twitter or get updates from the event, please use the hashtag #wwweek.