Training Course on GIS in Epidemiology and Public Health

Organisateurs de l’événement: 

IRES (Indepth Research Services)


25/05/2015 to 30/05/2015

Date limite d’enregistrement: 

Monday, May 18, 2015


The training workshop will discuss the application of GIS in Epidemiology and Public Health

Course objective

  • To develop Understanding on the different components of a GIS and the role GIS plays in solving epidemiological and public health problems.
  • To present to participants all data-related aspects of a GIS, such as the data models in GIS, data input, data editing, data visualization, metadata and managing a spatial database.
  • To Carry out advanced analyses of geographical data with specific reference to epidemiological related issues
  • To improve data management and analysis skills of the participants
  • To perform spatial and temporal epidemiological and public health analysis using GIS.
  • Establish understanding on how to work with spatial data and GIS techniques to solve epidemiology and public health problems.
  • To expose participants to data capture, input, manipulation and display by GIS
  • To demonstrate to participants use of GIS in mapping health facilities and projects.
  • To explain to the participants role of GIS as a decision support system in public health


Target Audience: 

The training is designed for participants who are reasonably proficient in English.


IRES Training Centre

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