Remote Sensing for Earth Observation

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Transmitting Science

Mon, 7 Sep - Thu, 10 Sep 2020

The aim of this course is to explore the role of remote sensing in monitoring Earth processes and dynamics at a range of spatial and temporal scales, with particular focus on the use of techniques and instruments designed to monitor the global environmental properties of the Earth.

The aims of this course are fulfilled by initially examining the fundamentals and physical basis of remote sensing, and then on how remote sensing is applied to Earth System processes and dynamics. The latest state-of-art techniques to analyse and interpret images will be used to understand local, regional and global environmental changes through worked exercises.

Students will learn the principles of remote sensing systems, and how relevant information can be derived from remotely sensed data over a wide range of spatial and temporal scales and resolutions. Students will also learn about the latest technologies underpinning Earth Observation, and develop image processing skills and learn how remote sensing data can be used to extend our understanding of global environmental changes.

Can Carol