UN-SPIDER participates in 22nd OSCE Economic and Environmental Forum

From 10 to 12 September, the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) held its Concluding Meeting of the 22nd OSCE Economic and Environmental Forum.

UN-SPIDER was invited to participate in the meeting to make a presentation on ICT solutions for disaster early-warning and disaster response, the role of space-based monitoring and warning systems, as well as on innovative approaches to data information management.

The Concluding Meeting was dedicated to the topic "Responding to environmental challenges with a view to promoting cooperation and security in the OSCE area". The meeting brought together delegations of the OSCE, high-ranking officers from international and regional organizations, as well as experts on disaster-risk reduction and emergency response.

The topic of response to environmental challenges had been introduced by the Swiss 2014 OSCE Chairmanship with the aim of identifying how the OSCE can contribute to disaster risk management, increasing the security of nations and communities, and with the aim of facilitating enhanced co-operation among its Member States. UN-SPIDER used this opportunity to establish links with the Secretariat of the OSCE and to discuss potential synergies and opportunities for cooperation.