International Charter activated for floods in Bolivia

The International Charter: Space and Major Disasters was activated for floods in northern Bolivia after heavy rain caused the River Acre to overflow on 24 February 2015. The mechanism will provide up-to-date satellite-based information products and maps. The activation was triggered by SIFEM-DNPC on behalf of SINAGER - VIDECI. USGS will handle the project management for this activation.

The International Charter reported: "Bolivia has been experiencing heavy rain since January, and the accumulating rainfall has been causing floods and landslides in the country. When the River Acre burst its banks, the water level in the river had risen to 14 m above normal, and the surging waters swept through the area. In Cojiba, the capital city of the Pando Department, four thousand people were left homeless by the floods. It is expected that other residents near the river will also need to be relocated to avoid any potential risks."