Near Real Time - Fire Detection and Monitoring (EOSDIS - NASA)

Data provided by:National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
Data accessibility:export data, export map, visualization of data (e.g. web GIS or real time monitoring)
Link to the data:
File type:kml, shp, txt, wms
Data type:hazard specific data
Disaster cycle phase:Disaster Risk Management, Response, Recovery
Satellites and Sensors:Aqua, Terra
Spatial coverage:Global
Spatial resolution:1000.00
Temporal coverage:Archive, Near-real time
Technical Specifications:n/a
Contact:Archive Download Tool / Contact Us
Tutorials on the use of data:How to use active fires SHP, How to use active fires KML, How to use active fires WMS, How to use active fires TXT
Restrictions/ Citation of the dataset:


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