e-GEOS International Conference 2011

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25/05/2011 to 26/05/2011


This event will give the opportunity to get together to discuss new products and services available from e-GEOS, sharing new business opportunities and developing new initiatives of mutual benefit.

During the two days, partners and customers from around the world will be able to announce, share, demo and/or present their success stories, products, services and visions. Many world players are expected to show up and use this opportunity for presenting their activities and vision (Italian Space Agency, ESA, GeoEye, Google etc).

Principal themes:
The Conference will be based on a format mixing presentations, demos, workshops, lectures, debates in order to have an open and creative exchange among the participants. Themes covered will include: service standards, geo-spatial data infrastructures, geographic information diffusion as well as applications in the fields of civil defence, agriculture, maritime surveillance, site monitoring, land management, environment, services for industry and the citizen.

Outline agenda:
The agenda will be divided into two sessions, over two days:

  • The first day will have an initial session devoted to evolving trends in technology, standards, supply/demand of geographic information services, Earth observation missions. This will be followed by a session dedicated to e-GEOS optical and radar data offering.
  • The second day will see sessions dedicated to the presentation of business cases in different application fields and to web services for access to and distribution of geographic information.


Hotel Parco dei Principi

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